Join the dance!

Somalila Workshop: Journey to Yoga Nidra through Somatics and the Dance Floor

This two hour workshop weaves together three practices, 1) a slow guided Somatic exploration to bring ease and connection to our body/brain, 2) lightly guided movement from the inside out to music that takes us up on our feet, across the room--to meet ourselves, 3) and finally an entry into profound stillness for Yoga Nidra practice--a time to explore our deepest heartfelt desires and ways to engage the skills inside ourselves to support them.

I've always loved to dance and through years of various experiences I've come to value the exquisite feeling of being able to move free on the dance floor--especially as I age. As I've matured I've become intrigued by the vast interior of micro movement I sense inside me too. A living system is in constant motion after all, even to bring a cup of tea to my lips requires a symphony if not a galaxy of